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Personalized products from Designs on Demand

Looking for a partner to make personalized products for you to resell or use in a fundraiser?

We can be your trusted partner, providing you with quality products to resell at a profit. And we do this while remaining anonymous to your customers so no one tries to cut you out of the loop by coming directly to us.

You provide the images, and we will provide the products shipped under your name. We also provide you with start-up and marketing support. Here is an overview of what we can offer you. More options are below to fit your situation.

♦ You obtain the photo and email it to us

♦ We make the product, sending you proofs if desired

♦ We ship the product to the customer with your logo and contact information on the invoice and shipping label

♦ You collect the customer's payment and pay us our wholesale price plus the shipping/handling

Our pricing is based on roughly one additional quantity discount bracket. It is not 50% of our retail prices, unfortunately. We can email you the exact prices and shipping for the products you are interested in. Request our wholesale pricing spreadsheet.

Here are some details for making it happen based on other wholesale / resale / fund raising projects we have worked with. Think through what will work best for you for each task and contact us. We are flexible and can work with your systems.

"Thank you, Margaret, for the great work you and Darrel continue to do, (and the personalized touch that you provide to your customers, which can not be surpassed)."
Kay Harris, Asbury Galleria, Asbury Park, NJ
Wholesale customer since 2007

Making It Happen

Set up your shopping cart We can provide sample images that have your designs on them.
Sell product You add our products to your own shopping cart. When you make a sale, you can email us the information or you can use our wholesale shopping cart to communicate the order to us.
Obtain image Email it to us at info@designsondemand.com
Work up proof We will send proofs to you. If there are questions, you contact the customer and get back with us. At some point you may come to trust us so much that you say proofs are no longer necessary, which is a timesaver. This is your call.
Make product We will leave your products unmarked, whereas we normally put our name on them. Most products can have your logo or name as part of the design.
Prepare customer invoice Packing slip has your logo and contact information, not ours.  Usually it shows no prices.
Pack box We can include your business card or other marketing materials.
Prepare shipping label We use a variety of shipping options and will let you know as we ship each order so you can notify your customer. USPS mail & Priority Mail - Lightweight items with 2-7 days delivery. FedEx - Lightweight products with expedited shipping. FedEx Ground/Home Delivery - Heavy products such as mugs and tiles.

For USPS, the return address label will have your company name and logo, not ours. It WILL say it is shipped from Ozark, MO, however.  FedEx is similar.
Collect payment from customer We work with pre-payment only. You should secure payment at the time the customer places the order.

If you don't have a shopping cart, we can help you set up a free shopping cart with www.mals-e.com which will collect the customer's Visa/Mastercard/PayPal payment securely. One password allows us to both get notice of the order, and a 2nd password allows you but not us to retrieve the credit card information.

Remit payment to us We can keep your credit card on file. You may find it easier to email your orders to us. We also offer a shopping cart page * to access our wholesale prices.

 Start-Up and Marketing Support

Customer satisfaction We offer a satisfaction guarantee. We rarely have anything come up since we send proofs to guarantee spelling, layout, text placement, etc. We also do extensive work on the image so each product looks its best.

However, if there is a problem, we have always worked it out, usually by replacing the product or whatever the customer wants. If they prefer a refund or reduced price, we do that. Just keep in mind that we RARELY have this case come up because of our pride in our workmanship.

Samples You may need physical samples to begin selling with. You can order these on our wholesale shopping cart page. In fact, we suggest you do place a small "real" order to see exactly what the shipping materials will look like.
Mock-ups, proofs You also may need images for your sales materials. We can take the images you send and email proofs back to you that you can put into your brochures, flyers, and web site.

* We will need communication from you and proof that you are reselling our products in order to honor wholesale pricing.